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The Six Most Common Mental Blocks

Here is a short list of the most common mental blocks that prevent you from changing your life and living the way you dream. Some of them will certainly look very familiar to you.

  • Lack of Open-Mindedness

You believe that what you have done in the past limits what you can do in the future. Therefore, although this is true to some extent, you are convinced that your abilities have certain limits that you cannot overcome. A lack of open-mindedness will prevent you from growing, learning, and going beyond your comfort zone. You will agree to arbitrary limits and remain tied to the familiar, unable to see your potential.

  • Permanent Indecision

Indecision causes you to place too much importance on every decision. You are convinced that making the best decision on a single option necessarily determines your success or failure in an entire domain. The result is an inability to concentrate. This indecision may come from being unsure of your priorities or from being unsure of what is important.

  • Comparison to Others

Comparison will keep you in a state of anger because you will always find other people who seem to be doing a better job than you. Their successes will make you think that all your efforts are wasted. If they succeed before you do, they pose a threat to you. You’ll want to give up and search for the land you can claim first.

  • Believe That There Are No Limits.

To be convinced that no limits exist seems to be anything but a mental block. However, believing in the absence of limits leads to many dead ends. It stems from our ability to overestimate our own resources and abilities despite all the evidence.

Because you want to do too many things, you cannot make significant progress in anything. You go in circles, trying to move your projects forward at once. You then start to get depressed, and soon you want to stop.

  • Uncertainty about Implementing Your Actions

Uncertainty differs from indecision in how you can make a decision. Still, you cannot understand how to implement it, paralyzing you in making your decision. With constant access to the Internet and information, it has become even easier to feel overwhelmed by all the methods and tools available.

If you’ve ever spent an hour choosing between 4 or 5 webinars like the ones here, you know what uncertainty feels like. Because the options are so similar, the brain can no longer determine which is best. The differences are so small that you keep evaluating endlessly.

  • Living with Tunnel Vision

Tunnel vision locks you into your perspective, no matter how inaccurate or distorted. You then lose all objectivity, which can lead to problems because you can no longer see other options that are easier and more accessible. Tunnel vision can also cause you to feel lonely when you’re not or see obstacles as bigger than they are.

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