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Does A Marriage Counselor Know What’s Good For You?

A Marriage and Family Counselor necessarily has a certain vision of life, beliefs, and his own experience, which means that he may know what he would have done if he had been in your place. But it is not in your place; your situation is you who live it.

Supporting Relational Life

The profession of Marriage and Family Counselor aims to support relational life, whether it be love, marriage, family, professional, or friendly, whether it results in isolation, loneliness, mourning, frustration, separation, violence, emotional dependence, and the quest for identity.

The mission of a Marriage and Family Counselor is to accompany you in your crisis, help you realize what you really want, and pave your way to get it finally.

A Marriage Counselor Is Allowed To Comment

Of course, as a Marriage Counselor, I received training and have experience with human situations that will allow me to comment to you on what could happen according to your choices. I can also give you information on opportunities that exist and that you may need to learn about. But it is in the process of making available to you the information I have that could be useful to you and not influence you.

In the official repository of Marriage and Family Counselor skills, it is mentioned: “Ability to help people received to regain and restore self-esteem, their freedom to think and act. 

If I thought I knew what is best for you, the best decision or direction to take, I would do the opposite to help you take charge of your life and regain your freedom! My goal is not that you come to see me with every decision in your life but rather that you soon no longer need me.

Do Psychotherapy

People training to become Marriage and Family Counselors are strongly encouraged to do psychotherapy to know themselves and their own wounds so as not to be carried away by their own experiences when they see people.

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