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Negative Emotions: What They Are For and How Not To Get Overwhelmed

We can think of emotions as warning signs that let us know when something is happening that can have positive or negative consequences.

Usually, these are transient states, but they can become something much more lasting. Sometimes, especially if they are negative emotions, they can cause suffering, which is why it is important to know them and learn to give them the right weight. If you are facing such emotions and you are a resident of LA, you must consult a Psychotherapist in Los Angeles.

Awareness of Negative Emotions

Some emotions are perceived more strongly, making them more intrusive and able to influence us. When this occurs as a result of negative emotions, the consequence can be undue fear and excessive anxiety. Let’s consider emotions as sentinels that alert us to what is happening to prepare us to respond in the most appropriate way. It is easy to understand that it is more useful for our survival to be aware of potentially dangerous situations. Only situations that can make us happy.

The problem is not so much feeling negative emotions as what these emotions can cause.

We may also find that we often feel more drawn to bad news than good news. This is also apparent from the increased space the media devotes to negative news as an obvious response to public demands and demands. According to a study conducted by the American psychologist John Cacioppo, which confirms what has just been mentioned, it would be the negative effect explained by evolutionary reasons related to our survival, for which ignoring negative information would be much riskier than ignoring a positive one.

Ignoring a cyclone’s arrival can be much more dangerous than ignoring a story with a happy ending. Despite this, most people claim to prefer good news to be bad and say they would rather hear more news with a happy ending.

We may also notice that our culture often leads us to try to avoid sadness, to relegate it to a corner, to hide it or mask it because it is seen as negative, a sign of weakness. Experiencing sadness is the only way to learn how to deal with it. The first step is admitting to ourselves and others that we are vulnerable. One of the main functions of sadness is to make our loved ones understand that we need them, their support, and their comfort in difficult times. It also helps us reflect and deeply analyze what is happening to us to find meaning in our mood. Therefore, it helps process unpleasant events and acts as a stimulant to induce change.


It will only be when the little girl manages to accept her sadness that she will be able to cry, and this will open the eyes of the parents, until now oblivious to her discomfort.

From them will come the comfort that will bring back serenity, and the acceptance of sadness will give rise to new memories and to the awareness (necessary for each of us) that life is also made up of frustrations, greater or lesser, that we must overcome so as not to remain trapped and be able to focus on new objectives.

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