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Certified Recovery & Codependency Coach Online


Strong background in recovery institutions and organizations enabled Dr. Wendy O’Connor to provide well-tailored and customized Recovery Coach Courses since 2021. Dr. Wendy knows the ins and outs of the recovery process, no matter how challenging they get. TTLC’s Certified Recovery Coach Course has already helped many of our graduates be successful in the recovery community. Each year, billions of dollars are invested in rehabilitation and recovery from a specific addiction. This has created more and more costly solutions to an age-old problem.


This course provides unparallel recovery opportunities to addicted individuals, wounded family members, and friends. You will not have to worry about the recovery of your loved ones and contact Dr. Wendy for this recovery course. TTLC’s Certified Recovery Coach course covers all addictions, including Co-Dependency. Due to his capabilities like community acumen, personal insights, and knowledge of recovery, Dr. Wendy O’Connor has personally invested himself in each module and designed everything to attain better results. He shares insightful tips and draws from his personal experiences. Being a recovered addict, his philosophy is: “There’s always hope; once an addict is ready to change.”

TTLC courses are led by an experienced Coach selected for her professional expertise, passion for the coaching profession, and genuine commitment to every student’s success.

Enrollment in the course is limited to ten students, so each person has optimal attention from the Master Coach.

You will learn The Traffic Light Center Coaching Method and begin changing lives before leaving the class!




Registration is easy.

Simply click on Enroll Now for our 16-hour Recovery Coaching Course. After you complete your payment, you will receive an email from us within 24 hours. If you are enrolling in a class that begins within 2 days from now, please call (310) 712-1230 to confirm space availability.


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