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Certified Health and Wellness Coach Line Online

  • Objectives of Coaching
  • Health Coaching in Today’s World
  • TTLC’s Professional Coaching System
  • Utilizing Socratic Questioning to empower your clients
  • Coaching Sessions 1, 2, and 3
  • Meditations for Health Balance and Energy Work
In This Health, Healing, And Wellness Certification Course, You Will Learn About The Following:
  • Clarity of the Healing Process
  • Developing the Healing Mindset
  • Understanding the Body’s Energy Chakras
  • Creating a Healthy Eating Plan
  • The Value of Essential Oils for Wellness
  • Establishing a Healthy Exercise Plan

Earn Your Certificate

you will be given a Certificate for Certified Health Coach in 12 hours. Tuition includes your Health Coaching credentials and Strategic Learning Alliance (SLA) Membership issued by TTLC.

Become a Certified Health Coach in 12 Hours

Dr. Wendy O’Connor created and developed the Certified Health, Wellness, and healing course. Dr. Wendy has been a gym lover since her teens, and following her passion, she became a certified Personal Trainer, Aqua, Spinning, Meditation, Core/Balance, Reiki Master, and Yoga instructor. Dr. Wendy was among the pioneers of “Virtual” training and used a webcam to train clients. She desires to assist everyone who comes into her path, irrespective of their purpose. Dr. Wendy is a strong believer that we all meet for a certain reason and is continuously striving to find the answers to “why?”
A maximum of ten persons can enroll in the course, so each student gets individual attention from the Master Coach.

Building Your Professional Coaching Practice
  • Marketing Strategies for the Recovery Coach
  • Acquiring Your First Clients
  • Setting Your Professional Fees
  • Identifying Opportunities in Your Community & Networking in Recovery
  • Building a Referral-based Practice
  • Creating a Powerful Web Presence
  • Advertising, Promotions, and Public Relations
State of the Heart Coaching

Being an experienced relationship coach advisor, Dr. Wendy O’Connor has developed the Certified Relationship Coach course accordingly. Through the sessions, you will get a chance to open and redefine your thought process. She provides enlightenment according to your circumstances and helps you to go through the process.

In this course, you will experience powerful humanity, laughter, integrity, commitment, compassion, and much more. Dr. Wendy has helped hundreds of relationships and motivates others to enhance their quality of life, thought processes, and spiritual direction. Course enrollment is limited to 12, so each candidate gets maximum attention.

Success Stories
We’re proud to have impacted so many lives through connecting people
with professional coaching support

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