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Relationship Coach Live Online


Being an experienced relationship coach advisor, Dr. Wendy O’Connor has developed the Certified Relationship Coach course accordingly. Through the sessions, you will get a chance to open and redefine your thought process. She provides enlightenment according to your circumstances and helps you to go through the process. In this course, you will experience powerful humanity, laughter, integrity, commitment, compassion, and much more. Dr. Wendy has helped hundreds of relationships and motivates others to enhance their quality of life, thought processes, and spiritual direction. Course enrollment is limited to 12, so each candidate gets maximum attention.

Who should experience this course

This class is for you if you love helping people create perfect relationships. If you want to learn what develops a healthy relationship, this class is for you!

People who are new to The Traffic Light Center Coaching Method can greatly benefit from this course and will receive their Certificate of Certified Relationship Coach in 16 hours. Tuition includes your professional Coaching credentials and your Strategic Learning Alliance (SLA) Membership issued by SLA. SLA demands the completion of 2 coaching portfolios. TTLC Certified Professional Coaches enrolled in this live course can complete their training and gain their Certificate of Certified Relationship Coach in 12 hours. This course also restores your SLA Membership for two years, allowing you to earn your CPC Credentials.





Click on Enroll Now. After completing your payment, you will receive an email within 24 hours. If you enroll in a class that starts within two days from now, please call this number (310) 712-1230 to confirm space availability.


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