The Traffic Light Center

How it Began

The Traffic Light Center (TTLC) began out of a need that extended beyond the therapy room. The idea was developed long before I was a therapist. 

I was a preschool teacher and used the traffic light method with very young children with conflict resolution. Yes, little four-year-olds trying to learn to get along. The kids would identify which color they felt–green, yellow, or red–and then I would develop a plan to move toward green (healthy or positive) behaviors. Once a child could identify their current color, they could take responsibility for their actions. They also had an action plan to empower themselves and others. 

Over the course of my therapy work with socio-economically and culturally diverse groups,  I continued to emphasize the traffic light method. It is easy, fast and functional. Kids, teens, parents and couples began to use it with great success.

But something was still missing. Therapy was working well for some, but I found integrating therapy and life coaching was more effective for most patients. 

Traffic Light Method

The traffic light method is easy to follow:

Red – Stop

Yellow – Proceed with caution

Green РGo 

What if we apply these simple color cues to all areas of life?
We have an effective tool that people can use all the time--no matter the circumstances.